About Step Up Productions

Step Up Productions is a non-profit theater company with a mission to communicate stories authentically, inspiring audiences to identify and embrace their own personal truths.

Who is Step Up and why work with us?

Core Values

We stand in our power and make business decisions from a place of honesty. In addition, plays are chosen based on their power to inform and reveal the complexity of the truth.

We produce stories that promote the expansion of understanding the human experience.

We create an environment that values all aspects of the production team’s voices, allowing everyone to shine and produce outstanding theatrical work.

We will do our part to help others get to a better place by finding organizations that support themes in our stories, donating dollars and dedicating ourselves to something bigger.

Why Nonprofit?

Step Up Productions became a nonprofit company to better serve other great nonprofit organizations in and around Chicago that are also committed to helping people get to a better place. We are committed to supporting those organizations that help others become self-sufficient.

Artistic Director, Elizabeth Antonucci has over five years of experience in the nonprofit world and she contends “The need in our own backyard is tremendous… the ability to donate proceeds from each production allows us to do our part in helping create equal opportunities for all. We believe theater is a medium that transcends generation, race, social status, ethnicity and it is our hope that by presenting theater that portrays authentic stories, we can help inspire others to help too.”

About the Founder and Artistic Director

Elizabeth Antonucci recently emerged as the Founder & Artistic Director of the Chicago based nonprofit Step Up Productions. The 2014-2015 season marks her third year at the helm of the theater company, where powerful original and published works are produced in alignment with a mission focused on the revelation of truth. She has created a company that explores relevant topics in an honest and thought-provoking manner, providing unique insight for theater audiences to experience. Guided by her personal core values, Antonucci has created a safe, open and trusting space for her production team, allowing them to work collaboratively and share their true passion for theater.

In 2008, Antonucci received a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Loyola Marymount University in California. While attending school, she worked at Mandalay Entertainment in Los Angeles and learned about the production side of the industry. After graduating, she enjoyed five years managing the programs and fundraising for the nonprofit Health, Education, and Relief (HEAR) Foundation. When Antonucci is not producing, she enjoys performing on stage. In June 2013, she graduated from The Academy, a Conservatory Training Program at Black Box Acting Studio.

Antonucci wishes to thank the theater patrons and investors, “You are helping us sustain a business so that we can continue to fund other organizations and help people through theater.” Step Up Productions continues to donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations that support issues often highlighted in the stories they produce.

Step Up Productions is an Illinois not for profit corporation determined to be tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.