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A hilarious and heartwarming line-up of original holiday-themed short works by Kristiana Rae Colón, Dana Lynn Fromby, Aline Lathrop, Steven Peterson, Joshua Rollins and Steve Simoncic.


November 21- December 21, 2014
Thursday- Saturday @ 7:30pm
Sundays @ 2pm

We’ve also added special performances on the following nights:

Sunday, November 30 at 7:30pm
Sunday, December 7 at 7:30pm
Saturday, December 20 at 2:00pm

(Please note: not all one-acts will be performed on each of these dates.)

Chicago Dramatists
1105 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642


Lunch Box Love
By Steven Simoncic 
Directed by Kacie Smith
Featuring Alicia Ciuffini and Anthony Venturini

This is not a story about the youthful exuberance of falling in love… or the hard-boiled cynicism of falling out of it. It’s a story about that everyday, punch-the-clock-and-pack-a-lunch kind of love… that imperfect, imprecise kind of love that still somehow manages to find a little glitter in the rubble.

Christmas Armaments
By Dana Lynn Formby
Directed by Kristen Johnson
Featuring Andy Lutz and Jessica Dean Turner

Clair and Nick have recently been reunited after Clair was released from a mental institution. She’s still refusing to eat and not too keen on seeing her five-year-old daughter. Nick is ready to try and make this family work as he goes in “armed with Christmas,” trying to convince Clair their family is worth living for.

Perfect Space
By Joshua Rollins
Directed by Audrey Francis 
Featuring Maria Margaglione and Conor Woods

Christmas Day. An alley outside a stage door.  Daniel Radcliffe is inside rehearsing a play and two people are camped out waiting for him to appear.  One’s a fan who wants to thank him, the other is a boy wizard who wants to confront him for co-opting an identity that isn’t his. A story of loneliness, identity, magic and finding your place in this world. And licorice.

Christmas at the Staples Center
By Aline Lathrop
Directed by Tara Branham 
Featuring Samara Harris Anderson and Patrick Gannon

It’s Christmas and Isabel has gone back to work – away from her husband and young daughter for first time. When she meets a seasoned trade show rep who shares secrets of carpet grades and makes her laugh, the real world seems to recede into the background of the Staples Convention Center and her purgatorial hotel room

Gift Horse Grill
By Kristiana Rae Colón 
Directed by Leonicia Bongorno
Featuring Jillian BurfeteCeleste CooperLuce MetriusTina Muñoz PandyaCurt Powell and Damon Williams

A squad of poetic millennials decide to ditch their families’ Christmases for a very merry kickback at the homies’ crib. But the holiday spades game and yuletide cipher are interrupted when Santa, in the form of a housing bureau agent, drops in just after midnight. He comes with a puzzling offer to reconcile America’s oldest debt, sending the party spinning toward the racially absurd.

A Couple of Nobodies
By Steven Peterson
Directed by Tara Branham
Featuring Elizabeth Antonucci and Anthony Venturini
Party queen Justine has nothing in common with reclusive Stuart in the apartment down the hall. Until she loses her keys after partying too hard on New Year’s Eve and turns to him for help. Can he?


Charity Partner:





Throughout the run, Step Up Productions will be collecting donations of new hats, glove, coats and scarves for Make It Better Foundation’s annual Warming Hearts & Hands program.

Dr. Jacqueline Duke, PsyD, LLC






Proceeds from HoliDaze will also help provide counseling for Seasonal Affective Disorder through Dr. Jacqueline Duke, PsyD, LLC.



Production Team:

Beth Zupec – Production Manager
Jerry Jensen – Stage Manager
Krista Ulbricht- Assistant Stage Manager
Eleanor Kahn – Scenic Design
Raquel Adorno* – Costume Design
Dorthea Walstrom* – Make Up Design
Jeffry Levin – Sound Design
Becca Jeffords – Lighting Design
John Kelly - Master Electrian
Colin Morgan- Props Designer
David Rosenberg- Publicity
Em Hall- Marketing Director
Bridgette Baggio* – Graphic Design
Tara Branham* – Casting Director/Production Curator
Benjamin Fairfield – Box Office Manager
*denotes Step Up Production Company Member

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