Sold Out Audiences and Great Reviews: Barefoot in the Park

Posted On: October 22, 2015

Photo by Emily Schwartz

Photo by Emily Schwartz

Well, the weather is turning colder, but that shouldn’t keep you from kicking off your boots and stepping inside to join Step Up for Barefoot in the Park! In fact, Chicago Reviewers are loving the show — and if ticket sales are any indication, audiences are as well. We had sold-out, jam packed houses this past opening weekend and while folks joined us for some Neil Simon-style entertainment, the seats rolled with laughter.

Have a look at some of the wonderful reviews our cast and crew for Barefoot in the Park have earned from reviewers across the arts in Chicago:

Ada Grey says:

It was fantastically funny, and I loved it!

Chicago Reader says:

I really wanted to hate Barefoot in the Park…Michael Driscoll’s staging for Step Up Productions, however, wisely pretends it’s still 1963, with no ironic nods to the revolution to come. So instead of getting mad, I laughed and enjoyed, especially Alex Fisher’s performance as Corie, and thought, gee, I’ve gotta watch this Neil Simon kid, he’s going places.

Around the Town Chicago says:

The hilarity of Simon’s script is captured well by Michael Driscoll’s natural blocking in which Neil Simon’s characters interact on a high floor of a walk-up apartment, convincingly designed by William Boles with lighting (Michael Stanfill) and sound design (Jeffrey Levin) that produces a storm and snow in exterior of a large window window in which more than one character will get caught.

Chicago Critic says:

The wackiness, the sight gags, and the physicality all work together to sustain a light weight old fashioned comedy. The argument scene between Alex Fisher and Colin Sphar is a classic high energy and physically demanding one that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. This is hilarious, well directed and superbly acted classic Simon fun!

NWI Times says:

Minton is priceless with her mugging and playing to the audience for an array of entertaining reactions in scene after scene. Fisher and Sphar capture the energy and uncertainty that comes with being newlyweds, while their passion is still progressing for actress and actor chemistry which will continue to evolve with this run. Pacas is pure goofy fun as the bearded European enigma who lives upstairs.

So — there you go! If you’re in for an afternoon or evening of “goofy fun” by one of the world’s wittiest playwrights, do come down and join us.

Shows are Thursday through Sunday at The Athenaeum Theatre. Be sure to check both Hottix and Goldstar to get to see our show at an amazing price (less than one of those fancy hamburgers they keep reviewing in the Chicagoist!). And — if the show is sold out on either of those discount sites, head on over to the Athenaeum ticketing page or call their box office ( 773-935-6875). Odds are we have a few seats held back for folks just like you.

OH! And before we forget, we have a special Industry show this coming Monday, October 26. We know it’s your day off, so we’re excited to entertain you for the evening.

See you soon, Chicago!

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